Become an Official Cyclops Gear Publisher - Join the Cyclops gear Affiliate Program!

It's a way for you to automatically earn some extra money from your Cyclops Gear products - shoot videos and photos for us.

Who Qualifies as a Cyclops Gear Affiliate?

Passionate people who charge after life (just like you), who actively publish updates about their life on their website & want to partner with Cyclops Gear to promote the World's best hands free camera to everyone.

Why Become a Cyclops Gear Affiliate?

Pro-Deal pricing on our Cyclops Gear Camera & Accessories so that you are armed to the teeth with all our latest gear to produce the best online promotional content and a 20% commission on sales referrals sent from your site to ours.

You also get 5% Commission of Sub-Affiliates sales, so if you refer other people to our affiliate program you then get 5% of all of their commissions.

How is Cyclops Affiliate Program Managed?

We use Post Affiliate Pro to manage the program, track sales, and pay you sales commissions.


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