The “Cyclops" app is a remote controller for your Cyclops Gear Wi-Fi camera.

You can connect your Cyclops Gear camera via Wi-Fi by the Android Smart Phone or Tablet with Cyclops App. After you establish the connection, you can live view the camera video stream, trigger start movie record, take a picture, view the thumbnail, and download the video or picture to your phone or tablet.

Connection Step

  1. Open camera Wi-Fi
  2. Connect to the camera WiFi, the password is: recordlife.
  3. Open the Cyclops App


  1. Preview stream, live streaming from camera.
  2. Trigger action, in the preview stream, you can trigger camera to take a video or picture.
  3. Support burst shot
  4. Support delay capture.
  5. Support video quality change.
  6. Support image size change.
  7. Support white-balance change
  8. Format the camera SD card.
  9. Listing photo & video files and download or delete files.
  10. Single photo playback.
  11. Preview streaming is more smoothing.
  12. Edit Photos and Videos.
  13. Trim videos files.
  14. Share Files on social media.

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